The Photoinitiators Platform is a global trade association dedicated to serve the common interests of manufacturers, suppliers and end-users of photoinitiators.

The primary purpose of the Association is to act as a single interlocutor vis-à-vis governments, agencies and other stakeholders in the framework of regulation and policy-making affecting photoinitiators worldwide. This includes EU REACH and third-country chemicals regimes, legislation on food contact materials and import duties. Another focus will be upcoming regulations affecting food contact materials and NIAS (non-intentionally added substances).

The Association also aims to carry out scientific research where required.

The initial focus of the Association will be to develop and strengthen a network and form relations primarily with the European Institutions and Regulatory Agencies and other strategic partners and stakeholders, argue the case for continued use of photoinitiators, as well as promote safe use of these substances.

It is intended to communicate and exchange information with the broader ultraviolet (UV) community and with end-users, in preference through their respective representative bodies.

The Association is open to all actors in the supply chain, with Associate membership being reserved for downstream users.

The Association has elected Michael Kiehnel of BCH, located in Germany, as Chair, and Stephen Postle of IGM, who is based in the USA, as Vice-Chair.

Founding members


Associated members