Big Ideas conference

March 2019

The Big Ideas Conference and Expo for UV + EB technology was held in Redondo Beach California on March 19 – 20th 2019. Stephen Postle, vice-chair of the PIP attended and gave a talk about the aims and big ideas of the Photoinitiators Platform.

Attendees included customers from across all market sectors and approximately 35 EHS and regulatory specialists. Some of the focuses of the PIP that Stephen talked about were:

  • Advocacy at European REACH, EPA and other chemical registration regimes to safeguard major classes of photoinitiators
  • Risk management: best practices on the handling of photoinitiators
  • Organizing and arranging seminars, workshops and other educational programs and activities for members of the PIP and/or third parties

As a result of the talk, the relationship between the PIP and RadTech USA, the hosts of the conference, was strengthened and lead to a joint initiative on the tariffs that have been imposed on photoinitiators in the USA. The talk also generated interest in the PIP which welcomed Hampford Research as a new member.

If you are interested in joining the PIP please use the online contact us form

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